Horse Menage

We have been asked to complete on several occasions, professional Horse Menage Arenas. A lot of care and planning is required to design and construct a Menage that is adequate for horse training or competitions.

We work closely with the client to work within their budget. Allowances need to be made for the size and we tailor this specification to fit in with the surroundings. Careful construction is essential and the importance to include a comprehensive drainage scheme is paramount. It is crucial to channel water away from the surface as quickly as possible.

Planing is as important, and we will work with the client and authorities to ensure all engineering details covering drainage, construction, fencing and detail of water runoff will be directed will be provided. Full drawings will be made and provided accordingly.

An end result will be a high quality scheme built to last the client for years!

Sports Fields & Recreational Areas

When it comes to land drainage and installation processes, we have a great deal of experience in sports field and recreational systems.

We have many land drainage experts on hand at DMJ Drainage, all of whom pride themselves on their professional and efficient approach, and with experience of providing a complete service in draining and reinstating all sites affected.

Our experts can also install shallow drainage systems using a gravel bander for problems areas, and these bands can be linked into existing drains using the porous fill that is already present.

Caravan Sites (Existing & New Build)

We have the experience and know-how to offer a drainage and utility installation service for existing and new-build caravan sites.

Existing caravan sites have essential services below the ground including water, sewer, gas, electric, TV and telephone cables. It takes a highly skilled team to be able to locate these services and effectively work around them in order to maintain correct levels whilst leaving all services unaffected.

We also provide a reinstatement and maintenance service to ensure that your caravan site runs smoothly and effectively, and acting now can help you to prevent any costly problems later on. We provide an expert service at an affordable rate.

Golf Courses & Driving Ranges

Any golfing enthusiast will tell you how imperative it is that the ground of a golf course or driving range is in pristine condition. That’s where we come in. By carrying out land drainage, utility installation works or general land maintenance we can ensure that your golf course or driving range is in premium condition at all times, and any problems are addressed by experts in their field.

We understand how important it is that our experts carry out drainage works with minimal disruption to your business.


DMJ Drainage have the experience to install adequate culverts which are capable of accommodating the anticipated water flow. Whilst carrying out any drainage or maintenance work, we make sure that we have consulted with all relevant Water Authorities, and due to our vast experience we often know exactly who to contact.

Culverts are constructed from large diameter corrugated plastic pipes or concrete versions. They tend to be constructed to very specific standards and to a detailed specification for the use of the required vehicles, and the pipe strength and bedding are always adequate enough to withstand these loads.

Ditching Works & Watercourse Maintenance

We can provide an expert service to create new ditches, mudding out existing ditches and carrying out complete ditch elimination.

We create dimensions to allow sufficient capacity for the catchment area to be drained. We ensure that side slopes of the ditch will are neatly trimmed and finished to not only improve its appearance but also its main function.

Our land drainage experts have the ability to completely remove any excess spoil away from site by taking it to a different location, or to spread it evenly from the edge of the ditch.

Land & Pond Construction

The experts at DMJ Drainage have a high level of expertise in land construction and earthworks and use this knowledge and experience to create farm irrigation ponds, agricultural reservoirs and fishing lakes. We aren’t just land drainage experts; we also have a vast range of experience in all areas that require drainage and construction.

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